Workshop Locations...

EPSOM - held at Epsom Girls Grammar School in the Raye Freedman Arts Centre

HOWICK - held at Howick College, Performing Arts Building.

KARAKA - held at Karaka War Memorial Hall.

NORTHSHORE - held at Belmont Intermediate School.

HAMILTON - held at Southwell School

Please contact the office via if you have any questions.  


I was blown away - amazing!

Hi Hayley, THANK YOU for a great week last week! Griffin really enjoyed it and being on stage I was blown away by what they had all achieved - amazing! 

Every child gets a chance to perform..

My daughter is excited every single day and you know what, she even forgets to say bye mom ..The default option for my daughter Aveshya during school holidays is to attend Artz on show..she has done 2 workshops so far and loves to learn new activities and make new friends. Her interest and confidence level is growing every time.. Putting up a great show, every child gets a chance to perform and happy parents-Special credits to Hayley and team.

Very professionally run..

Our three girls absolutely love Artz on Show. It is their first choice for school holiday activities and they have all grown so much from the experience. I love the emphasis on improvement, building confidence and helping kids shine across all ages and ability levels. It is lovely to see all age groups working together – the younger ones have something to aspire to and the older ones have the opportunity to take on leadership roles. The programme is very professionally run and it is amazing to see what the children achieve in one week.

Well done on creating a fantastic business that has such a positive effect on the community.

grown in confidence..

The one thing that I would like to say is that I have definitely noticed how Elliot has grown in confidence to speak to a large number of people. He has developed a quirky way of presenting himself and even his drama teacher at school has commented on this. Artz on Show is the only extra mural activity which he insists on participating in and proudly displays his photos of all the workshops which he has attended over the years. Every time a workshop has ended he moans about how many weeks he has to wait until the next workshop and ‘wishes away’ the 11 or so weeks.

He also enjoys the friendships which he has developed.

Thank you for providing these wonderful activities for our young children

Artz on Show has been great!

Artz on Show has been great for developing the performing arts talent of my children.  They are always keen to attend the workshops, love learning new things and making new friends.  Most of all they love the opportunity to get on stage.  Thanks Hayley and the AOS team you are our holiday highlight! 

After watching her cousins perform...

After watching her cousins perform my 3 daughters were very keen to join in….since then they have not missed a show.  Every morning they are so excited to get to Artz on Show, they have even asked me to pick them up late so they can spend more time with the tutors!

But best of all, she is happy and confident!

Our daughter was very shy at school, bullied and found it hard to make friends.  A friend told us about Artz on Show and she has attended every workshop for 2 years.  The transformation in her self confidence has been amazing.  She loves all the different lessons and her self-esteem and self-belief has really been boosted.  Whether she is the best at her classes or not she feels like a success, and will try lots of new things.  She was a foundation member of her school’s Drama Club in Year 3, and has made a core group of friends at school.  She has even gone into her school’s speech competition, talent show and production!  But best of all, she is happy and confident!

Always looking forward to the next one!!

My daughter has been in five workshops so far and she’s always looking forward to the next one.  Every time holidays are approaching, she always asks me “Mummy am I going to my ‘other’ school?”.  She loves the staff and she already has friends from previous workshops.  Always looking forward to the next one!!

The program is very high quality, high energy and professional.

Our children have attended Artz on Show consistently over the last 9 years.  The program is very high quality, high energy and professional.  They look forward to attending each school holidays.  I would recommend Artz on Show to anyone considering a quality school holiday program which will leave your children motivated and with improved confidence.

The Workshops were well run and our daughter enjoyed every day.

The Workshops were well run and our daughter enjoyed every day. This was her first and she’s very keen to do the next one.  Well done! 

Thank you Hayley, Charlotte and the Artz on Show team!

Our children have been attending the Botany site. My daughter has attended every workshop since it started and her older brother shortly after. The reason for the repeat attendance is that it is a fantastic fun filled, confidence building week with the highlight being the Friday afternoon showcase. Amazing, the children experience through various disciplines, art ,drama, dance, team building to mention a few and are able to take all they have learnt to produce a performance in 5 days!!!!!!!!!! We book ahead from workshop to workshop, there is a good discount if you do so. The October 2012 workshop will be, if I am correct, the 22nd held at the Botany site since mid-2007. My son has attended a few short of all, my daughter 21 out of the 22 workshops, missing just 1 !!!!! I could go on but I will finish mentioning the amazing team who coach and look after the children through the week. They obviously love what they do and are very professional and approachable. Thank you Hayley, Charlotte and the Artz on Show team!!!!!!!!

Always a delight to attend the performance on the Friday night shows!

Always a delight to attend the performance on the Friday night shows! We witness over the week snippets of dances & stories of the day + art + Lyrics & characters of drama. So great to see the transformation appear over the week come alive! The programme builds confidence & spirit. Simply brilliant!

Such great fun and really did a lot for building confidence

Both my sons have attended 2 workshops at Artz on Show Epsom and loved the week - such great fun and really did a lot for building confidence.

Absolutely love it.

My 6 year old daughter and 9 year old step-son have both attended Artz on Show Epsom and they absolutely love it. It\'s a really fun, creative program including art, drama, singing and dancing. At the end of the week the kids get to show off all their hard work with a memorable performance. A word of warning though; places fill up fast, so if you want to guarantee your spot you need to register in advance.

We look forward to another one soon!

I have to say I think that these programs are fantastic for the kids. Both my boys have attended and it did so much for the self-esteem and confidence. I would highly recommend these holiday programs. And the show at the end....amazing!! Grandparents, family and friends enjoyed them. We look forward to another one soon!

I would highly recommend to anyone.

This school holiday programme was fantastic my 5 year old daughter loved it and she is booked in for Charlie and the chocolate factory I\'m so looking forward to watching her preform again in that one. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Thoroughly enjoyed the holiday programme!

Great for improving confidence. My daughter and son have both thoroughly enjoyed the holiday programme!

She can\'t wait for the holidays!

It was the first time my daughter had wanted to do something like this and I was a bit hesitant since she didn\'t know anybody else attending. We turned up on Monday morning and right from check in I felt totally at ease leaving her with the helpful, friendly staff. I was watching them whilst we were in line to sign up and was amazed with their friendliness with the kids and that they seemed to remember those that had previously attended. A very happy girl returned at the end of the day and we are still practising the songs even now. We have signed up for the whole week this time, and I\'m sure it will be a great experience for her to get to be in the show as well. She can\'t wait for the holidays!

Artz on Show has become like a community to her...

My daughter is addicted to Artz On Show and has been almost every holiday for the last 3 years. She loves the diversity of the programme they offer, meeting new friends and most certainly learning all the new dances. Her confidence grows with every event and she\'s recommended it to lots of her friends too. Artz on Show has become like a community to her, with staff always so helpful and friendly. And for us as parents, it\'s great to know that there is a safe, fun and empowering environment available for a week of every holiday if we need it. Holidays get planned around AOS in our house! Keep up the good work, AoS.