• Artz on Show has been great for developing the performing arts talent of my children.  They are always keen to attend the workshops, love learning new things and making new friends.  Most of all they love the opportunity to get on stage.  Thanks Hayley and the AOS team you are our holiday highlight! 

    Jane Freeman, East Auckland

  • After watching her cousins perform my 3 daughters were very keen to join in….since then they have not missed a show.  Every morning they are so excited to get to Artz on Show, they have even asked me to pick them up late so they can spend more time with the tutors!

    Kellie Davey, Hamilton

  • My daughter has been in five workshops so far and she’s always looking forward to the next one. Every time holidays are approaching, she always asks me “Mummy am I going to my ‘other’ school?”. She loves the staff and she already has friends from previous workshops. Always looking forward to the next one!!

    Sonia Tenreiro, North Shore