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To ensure variety to all students, we offer a range of the following disciplines each Workshop which are related to the theme. To keep our Workshops interesting we also offer specialised classes which change each Term.


Students are involved with developing the final show on Friday. During their drama class the students are able to audition for parts in the show, learn about the theme and the script, receive a part in the play and develop their characters gesture, speech and action on stage.

Theatre Arts

The Theatre Arts class gives students the opportunity to delve deeper into drama and develop their skills. Students will have the opportunity to experience a range of drama techniques including, theatre sports, mime, characterisation, readers theatre, and many more.


This discipline covers photography, painting, sculpture, face painting, stage props and stage makeup. Students are involved in a range of Art activities which change with each Workshop and are related to the Theme.


Each student will be involved in learning multiple dance styles throughout the week long Workshop, including: Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Rock n Roll, Line dancing and Contemporary dance. Groups will be assigned themed songs appropriate to their age and will learn routines to perform at the final performance.


This discipline covers Modeling, Deportment and Nutrition. Each student will be involved in all areas of the discipline and learn when, why, who, how and where each area is important for personal development

Team Building

Students are involved in a range of different team building activities and learn to solve problems by working as one unit.
We also try to incorporate individual team building challenges at times which students participate in such as Archery and Rock climbing, which students love! The type of activity we provide is different from Workshop to Workshop.

The emphasis of working as a team is also incorporated into all other disciplines throughout the Workshop and helps to improve Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem.


All students on enrolment to the Workshop will receive a folder of songs. These songs will be in keeping with the theme of each Workshop and our vocals tutor will teach all students breathing, harmonies and vocal techniques.


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